Thursday, July 29, 2010

But it’s not supposed to be this way…

I haven't been able to escape to the cinema lately, so here's my critique on life and the way it's "supposed" to be:

This is a new kind of post intended to entertain those whose lives AREN’T piecing together as quickly or perfectly as their childhood dreams promised…

By the age of 26, most people are moving back home to be near family and taking a menial job (me·ni·al adj 1. relating to or involving work that requires little skill or training, is not interesting, and confers low social status on the person doing it 2. suitable, typical of, or relating to a servant or servants) at their local bank or town hall. Accepting their numerous failed attempts at obtaining their dream job as “a good try” and realizing the importance of a steady income.

By the age of 28, most people notice their hairline receding, metabolism slowing, and appearance overall dwindling and decide they better tie the knot before no one wants to share a bed with them besides dear old mom.

By the age of 30, most people are painting teddy bears, clouds, and ducks on the walls of the spare bedroom of the house they bought with their menial desk job preparing for their average life to be invaded and conquered by their first-born…Who hopefully won’t feel the pressure of life bearing down on them as early as their parents did and give up on their dreams only to join their friends who have settled down to watch life pass them by and live their static, routine life.

But he's not like most of them. He's 32 and swimming around all the Hollywood hotspots in the intern pool. And he'll tell you that 95% of all interns are hott college grads still enjoying life living out of daddy’s pocket, so he doesn’t reject their kind invitations for drinks on them/daddy after a long unpaid day of dry office work.

But right now, he's outside on his balcony writing his frustrations on his college Mac book pro -whose expected operational life is about to expire, and when it does he’ll lose his million dollar screenplays that brought him to Hollywood. People normally sit outside to be in the sun and get that essential vitamin D that energizes and inspires them to go out and get that dream job no matter what it takes. Unfortunately, his balcony is shaded from ALL the shiny, bright things in life most importantly “The sun.”

It’s hard to keep moving when it seems as though everything else in life has stopped like the economy and job market, but he finds Live music inspiring so he's going to apply for a new credit card, buy tickets to a show, and forget about his accumulating debt that will undoubtedly land him a spot in prison one sunny day when he should have been painting teddy bears, fluffy clouds, and smiling ducks in the spare bedroom of the house he bought with his menial desk job he got when he moved back home and realized Dreams only come true at night…

And coming to terms with not getting that dream job is perhaps the Santa Claus of adulthood.