Monday, February 28, 2011

Incredibly Useful Information


I think music makes most things more enjoyable so check out this new song while you read my blog! Just press play, it won't open up a new window. "Devils" is a new song by the band Say Hi.


If you're headed to the theaters this week I suggest checking out Cedar Rapids. Comedies are said to attract the most consumers to the theaters these days, and I usually won't pay to see a flick that's going to make me scared, sad, or hopeless, so I would agree with this statement. If there was a comedy as good as Cedar Rapids out every weekend, I would definitely frequent the theaters more. John C. Reilly makes the film worth watching. Check out the trailer here.


Party Down was a half hour comedy that premiered on Starz March 20th 2009. The show was canceled after two seasons, but the best shows always are so don't let that stop you from watching. Produced by my favorite, Paul Rudd, and many others, Party Down is about a Los Angeles Catering company full of misfit workers, actors, and writers who didn't make it in Hollywood. The show documents the crew as they provide less than average service at a new event every episode. The show stars Martin Starr (who I very much adore), Lizzy Caplan, Jane Lynch, and Adam Scott. Watch the Party Down trailer here.


If lately the sites you used to go to -catch up on a TV show you normally follow or a movie you missed in theaters- aren't working or now want you to pay to watch, you should check out I've used this site after coming to find surf the channel and Hulu have started charging their viewers and want you to download a bunch of plug-ins to watch anything. This site offers links to each show after you've selected the episode using Loombo, which is a safe and free uploading file service. It's pretty self explanatory once you're on the site.


You could change your own oil or you could go to the Mobile Gas Station located at 17661 Ventura Blvd Encino, CA (818) 788-3626 where they change your oil, hand wash your car, and detail & vacuum the inside of your car all for $28.00. You should change your oil every 3,000-5,000 miles. If you don't live in LA, I would suggest going to your local Wal-Mart!


If all this reading has made you incredibly hungry you should check out my new cooking blog:


A lot of my friends who graduated after me have been asking me for help concerning their student loans. As mentioned in my last blog, you can easily consolidate your loans here, however I failed to mention if you have private school loans they may not be able to help you and in the case of have private loans you should consolidate your loans here.

Before you consolidate though, you can always put your loans into forbearance so you do not have to pay on them right away. I would suggest putting your loans into forbearance for as long as you can so you have time to save money for when you must begin paying on them. Finding a well-paying job right out of college isn't likely for anyone and to qualify for forbearance you can claim a temporary hardship, unemployment, or part time job. It's also important to know that after the forbearance is over you will NOT have a lump sum of accumulating money to pay, instead the bills begin generating after the forbearance is over.

Consolidation does take 30-90 days though, so you should begin this process 1-3 months before your forbearance is over. There are many consolidation plans to choose from including a new income-base plan that fluctuates according to your salary, but does not go over the general planned amount per month. These plans tend to stretch 20-30 years, however you will not be paying on theses loans for the rest of you life. After the 20-30 years, whichever time period you chose, the rest of what you owe is forgiven.


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