Friday, December 13, 2013

10 Reasons Why Flu Season Doesn’t Suck

It’s so cold right now, I’m wearing two pairs of pants. My cheeks are still rosy from my morning run. And I WebMD-ed the side effects of having goose bumps for prolonged periods of time. But honestly, there are a lot of reasons to love this season!

1. Pumpkin Everything
Is there anything that can't be pumpkin flavored? What is our society's obsession with pumpkin? Was it instilled in us at birth? Is the womb pumpkin flavored? Is it the smell that actually makes it taste so good? I'm not even sure I'd like pumpkin so much if it wasn't for all the marketing making it the staple flavor of fall. 

But like the rest of the world, I LOVE PUMPKIN ANYTHING! I just tried pumpkin pizza this week and WHOA!

2. Dinner and a Movie
Or dinner during a movie.  Whether in public or at home, it's hard not to be satisfied from this killer combo!


3. Hot Anything –Hot Baths, Hot Cocoa, Hot Food
It's so difficult to crave cold food in cold weather. I keep buying lettuce, but it keeps going bad. What is keeping me from eating too many warm comfort foods? Hot tea!! My new favorite warm beverage is passion orange peel. It's the color of Love, 'nough said!

4. Candles
Talk about the easiest way to make any situation romantic? LIGHT A CANDLE! And splurge for the pumpkin scents that are proven to stimulate romance!
AND YES I'm YELLING THIS! Get with the program BOYSSSSSSS and girls (but mostly boys). 'Tis the season of chivalry, hand over that jacket!

5. Nature Shows its True Colors

Instagram is exploding with beautiful earth tones, sunsets, and sunrises! Who doesn’t love “Roygbiv?” (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet)


6. Holiday Season –Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Family & Friends time! Pour on the love! You know all our faults and you don't necessarily agree with the path we chose, but you love us still and it means so much.☺

It's no secret, we all get a little more fun and a lot more goofy around family. Let us love and be extra merry this season!

7. It’s Relationship Weather –More Cuddling, More Crushing

Besides Love, a crush is pretty much the best feeling in the universe!

Having someone to think about. To fill that empty seat. Thinking of them in their absence. Placing them next to you at future events. Telling yourself stories about them. Filling in the gaps of your knowledge of them. A special motivation to carry you through the day, week, year, lifetime. Someone to dream about. Dreams allow us to live out our perfect fantasies. Dream, baby, dream! 

But stop comparing your relationships to your first love. New relationships will never be like that first love feeling, because you will never allow someone to treat you like that again. Be at peace and be present this season. Live in the moment, live in your current relationships and they will flourish!

8. Yoga Pants Season
Easy to put on, easy to take off, easy to look at.
And I think Kanye says it best, “She got that a$s, I got to look, sorrrrrrray!!”


9. Kites In The Wind
The freedom of the sky, the floating possibilities that surround us like leaves in the wind. Kites will keep your chin up, and keep you looking in the right direction. If you do get the Flu this season it will definitely not be because you were flying your kite in the blistering cold, windy weather. 

It's not the cold weather that makes the trees loose their leaves. It's the lack of sun. Which could explain why some people lose their leaves or go crazy from being a hermit in the winter months. It's important to go outside, be an animal!

10. Reflection
These cold months are quieter times. The early darkness takes pressure off the day. I sleep harder, and dream better. And I reflect more. My mind almost furiously makes up for my lack of physical exertion. I reflect on myself, my relationships, my past, and my future. I find it more difficult to be present in the moment as my cold body draws attention inward.

Reflection is never bad. If you don’t like what you see, you have the magical gift of time and the freedom to choose to change. If you like what you see, you can stare back at it and smile or pat yourself on the back and eat a low-carb, gluten-free, vegan, organic, no GMO, guilt-free cookie!

And everyone loves surprises so as a bonus
11. Scarves are finally weather appropriate! 
Hipsters everywhere rejoice!

If you do happen to get the flu this season, remember all these reasons why this season is actually awesome. And enjoy a garlic, ginger, cayenne "Be Gone" shot from your local Whole Foods store to cure that nasty cold.  

All Photos used were taken by the author follow her on Instagram @Cinematic_Escape