Friday, February 10, 2012

"The Ultimate Cliche". . .

You Can't Ignore It... Once again it's that time of year to tell someone just how special you really think they are! Orrr to hide from the person you're dating and "Unfortunately be very busy February 14th."

Valentine's Day is the the holiday everyone loves to hate! I personally think everyone should get the day off, I mean what's more important than Love?!
Maybe, you've never actually celebrated the holiday with that special someone, so you're a HATER and totally bash the holiday and all those who celebrate it. But it used to not be that way! Remember grade school and all the valentines and candies received in your special box from all your classmates?! I swear some mothers failed to read what the cards said before properly declaring the To: and From: parts, but I personally remember reading each one and thinking carefully about who should get the spicy cards, "My Heart is Yours, Be Mine!" and then the safe ones, "You're Cool!" From Lizzy. 

I thought about life after the cards and most of the time, I decided to save face and just give the lovey dovey ones to my best girlfriends. Butttt, there was always someone who I really wanted to give a special valentine to. Sometimes, I took the risk but like most of us still today, I usually kept it safe. More importantly though, "There was always someone."

I remember reading and rereading AND saving the ones that were very complimentary from the boys I liked. Even if I didn't like the boy before I got that sweet valentine from him, suddenly I found myself thinking about him in a special kind of way. At that point, I didn't take into account that boys are really lazy and most of the time, their mothers were just filling out the valentines with the class roster the teacher provided as if it was just homework. No!!! That 10 cent square of recycled cardboard, coverd with red hearts and classic cliches, meant someone thought I was special!

Boys seemed to really not mind the holiday when they had a big box of free candy to feast on. Their hatred for the holiday seemed to surface at a later age when the candy was no longer free, their mothers weren't there to fill out their valentines, and more importantly... no roster was provided to tell them exactly who to give valentines to. 

Many say, "If you have loved someone secretly, then Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to bare your heart and let that special someone know just how special you think they really are." 

I don't necessarily agree with suddenly coming out of the dark with violent flames of love, especially on Valentine's Day, and pouring your heart out to that secret crush of yours who has no idea you lust for even a chance with them.... I don't see that ending well. Butttttt, I do believe it's important to spend the day with someone you love even if that's just a friend, or Doing something you love! As for that secret crush and those feelings chipping away at your heart and dominating your dreams, I think friendship should always be the first approach. And I don't suggest Valentine's Day as a first date, unless it's a Valentine's Day party with a bigger group of friends. Which, if orchestrated properly, could turn into Exactly what you were hoping for! 

So right now, if your only Valentine's Day plans are with Russell Stover, perhaps consider throwing a "Valentine's Day Bash" with friends! Grab a romantic comedy to throw on in the background, start constructing your Chocolate Fondue Fountain, and stop by the local drug store to pick up those Exclusive Valentine's Day Games and party favors. And, now that it's a "group date," there's no stress or risk in throwing an extra invite in the direction of that special someone.

TIPS and WARNINGS: Do Give out stupid valentines & Those disgusting chalky candy hearts. Avoid taking any online-dating-match out on a first date just so you don't have to spend the holiday alone. Cupid making you cringe cause you're flying solo? Don't take yourself to the movies, that's pathetic! Sleep on the “other” side of the bed if you must, but no flirting with ex boy/girlfriends it's only one day!

Don't ever buy plastic roses... They'll never die, but your love likely will.

A Man should Never get lingerie for their woman EVER! Shhhhhhhh.... I know you disagree, but you're wrong about this. Keep Reading!!....

Oh, and if you're a girl who suddenly gets a valentine from an acquaintance, don't do something brash to make him feel bad about bearing his soul. Instead, the best thing you can do is tell him how flattered you are and thank him and leave it at that! 

Make no mistake… Boys are so easily crushed too... That child still, that grew in their mother's kiss.
And men if you do get turned down by that bitch@%$# don't worry... She pays her dues at night, trust me. Never overlook the small moments of an open heart. It always feels good to have somebody in your head 
AND sometimes it's better than reality! 
THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Crayons and construction paper baby! What else!?
And where did all the poetry go? Borrow a few verses from Shakespeare already and get with the program!  

If you ignore the day, they'll be pissed so just have fun with it! Under-promise, over-deliver. At this point, everything is cliche so don't waste your time trying be original and why bother?! There's nothing better than "The Ultimate Cliche!"