Tuesday, March 22, 2011

please take a Risk...

This is just a compilation of phrases I read on the Internet today that may assist in your daily escape.

everybody could potentially have their brain chemistry tweaked so that their baseline emotional state would be that of greater happiness.
but I had to go well out of my way to find the motivation.
keep looking.
It depends on what you can be content with.
so many options open to you.
a process of elimination
others don’t want to help themselves
Continued existence.
explore all those possibilities
Mentally becoming what you want to be.
please take a risk
The dangers arising from environmental abuses.
100 hours on the couch exploring, for example, the meaning of dreams.
turn your attention to other things, and it comes and sits softly on your shoulder
you actually ENJOY your position of victimhood.
it’s called self-pity
but mostly the things making people happy are the ones they've always been - friends and family, achievement, religion.
afraid I won’t find it because I can’t give enough of myself to one thing to be able to tell if that’s what I want.
Elimination of old age.
It is only human to grow much too attached to the ills of the world
Physically becoming what you want to be
the problems caused when true mindcrafting becomes possible will be worth it?
to lack intelligence
to discriminate against others
the possibilities opened by mapping the human genome.
Something to transcend.