Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thelma and Louise

    I thoroughly enjoyed this 1988 chase action comedy by Callie Khouri. Two women who are unsatisfied with their lives set out for an adventure that will change their lives more than they ever could imagine. A housewife's dream come true. 
    Thelma and Louise, are unhappy with their day-to-day lives and decide to get away and go on a two-day trip to a cabin in the mountains. On the way, Thelma gets hungry and the two are encouraged to stop at a Bar & Restaurant for dinner. Thelma meets a real charmer and the two dance the night away cheek to cheek. Thelma gets sick and the man accompanies her outside. He becomes too friendly with Thelma as the situation escalates quickly into him attempting to rape her. Louise stops the man and holds him at gunpoint. The girls begin to leave, but when the man continues to utter degrading words showing he didn’t learn his lesson, Louise pulls the trigger. Never being in this situation before, the girls jump in their convertible and speed away. The women continue to run from authorities and move from location to location. Louise tells Thelma she’s off to Mexico because she has no reason to go back since her boyfriend doesn’t love her. Thelma attempts to phone home to her husband, but when he takes a fatherly role of control, Thelma finally tells him to fuck off. 

From there, the two meet a very attractive hitchhiker named Simon, who Thelma falls for and has the night of her life with. Other than the best sex ever, Simon also shares with Thelma his techniques of robbery, which prove to be useful to Thelma later on. Louise boyfriend, Jimmy, shows up with the money he was supposed to just wire to her. After a romantic night of engagement, marriage, and consummation Jimmy leaves promising to love her no matter what happens. Thelma and Louise are back to their change purses after realizing Simon has stolen the money Jimmy brought. Thelma then uses Simon’s skills to rob a convenient store so Louise doesn’t have to sell her ring. Thelma and Louise continue to outsmart the police and teach ignorant men who are woman users a lesson. The two almost completely switch characters and become true criminals along the way. After a final run from the police, there’s no going back now and the two decide to...I can't ruin the best movie ending of all time -read the screenplay or WATCH THE MOVIE!!
    The plot was highly original and significantly different from other adventure films. Many popular themes were addressed such as women’s rights, but the overall plot of two harmless women becoming criminals has never been explored in this manner. This plot was successfully interesting. Watching these two characters roll with the snowball effect never seized to entertain. I do believe given the right circumstances and time, anyone is capable of anything. These characters were driven to their questionable actions. I reasoned with them the whole way. This plot is plausible, not necessarily likely, but given the characters circumstances it is believable. The premise from which the conclusion is drawn from works for me, however some may feel the two needed to eventually be caught and return home. I was glad they were never caught and in the end, they found the only possible solution to remain free and wild.

    The concept of two characters that are finally going to seek a fulfilling life and the way they go about it, completely transforming their identities, was sincerely original and appealing to any audience. The housewife, whose life is totally controlled by her husband, takes off with out permission and has the time of her life. When Thelma’s husband demands she returns home instantly, she finally tells him to fuck off. After finally telling off her husband, Thelma is free from him and runs wild. This script demonstrates how hell is other people. People make people crazy. After years of suppression, Thelma is out of her cage. Louise is a real man hater, but she falls in love and shows she actually has a sensitive side. Thelma has the best sex of her life with a stranger, and Louise shoots one. These small town girls become big time criminals. The characters make this movie. Unsatisfied best friends step out of their comfort zones for a break from their daily scene, but never return. The fact that these two women are two of the most unlikely people to become criminals only furthers the interest of the reader/viewer. Even hot stuff Darryl, is taken off his pedestal and put in his place. The concept holds interest and the characters only become more intriguing and developed as the script progresses.    

    The dialogue was humorous and not over done. I enjoyed reading each character’s dialogue and their words fit well with their character persona. I love when Simon tells Darryl he liked his wife. This comment only parades Thelma’s actions and recent sense of self-discovery. Also, the script for robbing the bank was especially entertaining. Even the corny wedding vows read well and entertained. The action and scene description was highly detailed and painted a clear picture for the reader. The descriptions were unique and kept the interest of the reader. The description of the bar in the beginning, and when Louise is waiting in the line for the bathroom, are so well written I can still envision these specific scenes in my head. Harlan suffocating Thelma’s personal space and then getting his brains blown out all over some nice car, is just one more out of the many impressive scenes described in this well developed script. The cinematographer has it easy with this script. The writer just lays everything out for the reader. The actions and scenes were so meticulously described the reader could in fact paint the scene onto film. However, I do not believe the write went overboard; instead she just clarified the situations. The writing flowed well and kept pace, as this was a chase story. The ending scene was a masterpiece as it speaks volumes and highlights the entire meaning and intent of the script and its characters.
    This screenplay is so interesting because of its unlikely criminals. The characters were amusing and exciting people to follow around. Witnessing their thought process and tagging along to see the effects of their decisions made their onscreen/on-page transformations all the more enjoyable. The ending might catch some people off guard as it was quite edgy, but nonetheless the perfect ending in my opinion. 


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