Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It’s sort of Strange but…

I sometimes like to watch other people. They don’t know I’m watching. I sit in the dark while they go about their lives, taking risks and finding fulfillment. But I’m not alone. I sit there with other people -complete strangers actually. We all sit tightly together, in the dark. But we never speak a word. In fact, it would be considered rude to do so. We just watch. We watch and we wish. We admire and we dream. We do this for about two hours. But when the lights come on, it’s all over and the worries, fears, and grief that brought us, filter back into our conscience. 

….So why do we escape to the cinema?

It’s very dangerous to take an animal from its natural habitat. A manufactured environment will never fulfill the animal’s essential needs. In fact, an unnatural environment can put an animal in a constant state of hyper stimulation, nervousness or anxiety. Their nervous systems are blown beyond the ability to cope. The animals must do whatever it takes to balance their nerves. They sometimes do what may appear unacceptable or strange. They run around in circles without a purpose.

How is it we fail to recognize and admit that humans are just simple animals… meant to live day to day with the only purpose to survive till the sun goes down each day.

This entire civilization is far beyond what any single mind could dream up.

It’s not a mystery why we do whatever it takes to balance our nerves. We develop habits that help us cope in this constant state of hyper stimulation. Some people submerge in bubble baths, some people put on headphones and close their eyes, some drink a glass of wine, others smoke a blunt or pop a pill rarely prescribe to them.

Some people speed in the rain, sleep past noon, scream their lungs out in the shower, eat a gallon of ice cream, run till they faint, paint a white wall, drink till they can’t remember, but other people…

Other people escape entirely. They sit completely still… not speaking, not blinking, not living. For about two hours in a dark cave without any light, they sit there and admire the paintings before their eyes… submerging into complete and utter satisfaction, a sense of... fulfillment.