Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ima G+

Google Plus... sounds awesome already right? Actually, I would have called it Googleface and just like the design of google changes everyday, your name and profile picture would automatically uniquely change everyday. But enough hype, what the #$%^ is Google Plus?

Before writing this blogpost, I tried to join Google Plus because I wanted a first hand experience to truly analyze what is said to "Seize and Conquer the Facebook Universe." However, the Google Plus project has temporarily exceeded capacity, so unfortunately all I could do was take the interactive tour. The tour should have been promising, misleading, and full of colorful lies -not unlike a presidential campaign- but instead was colorless, prude, boring, and mechanical much like a PC world. 

Google Plus vs. Facebook can similarly be compared to the Mac vs. PC campaign. If apple created a social network I can see it being very creative and innovative by allowing you cut and edit videos on your friends walls and photoshop your photos directly on the site. Buttttt a Google Plus/PC -never exceeding the basic minimal standard functionality- social network site is exactly what I found when exploring Google Plus.

The articles I read promoting Google Plus projected Facebook as a freakshow that is growing in sideshow acts. Google Plus is showcased as having the original functionalities of facebook minus the growing sketchiness of ads and weird applications. I admit facebook has reached a point to which the owners should consider drawing boundaries and building fences, however, the daily grind is boring enough, I think I'll keep my freakshow.

Google Plus allows you to put your friends in circles and only share information that is relevant to the people in that specific group. But sometimes it makes my day when Sarah Wheeler from 4th grade shows up on my newsfeed talking about some new -totally irrelevant to my life- shit that I would never know without the total randomness and sometimes freakiness of facebook. 

Google Plus... you can keep your boring cliques and sparks of news you think might interest me, but you never puked on my desk in 4th grade and I will until the end of time still find -what Sarah Wheeler from 4th grade is eating today- more interesting than what your robotic, emotionless, and boring computer code generates for me to read.

I have no doubt Mark Zuckerburg is about to unleash some monstrously dominating new features he's been feeding in the trapped doors of the facebook arena...   But if not, I have some ideas!

    1. The best part of facebook remains photo sharing capabilities so let's improve that by adding photoshop like editing tools.

    2. Dating websites are becoming solely responsible for marriage rates increasing. Facebook could capitalize with a function that allows you to not just suggest friends for your friends, but to suggest possible datemates. What better way to meet than through friends?

    3. Video messages. This function already exists in the post section, but I rarely see people taking the opportunity to be the leading role on their friend's fcbk wall. Out of embarrassment perhaps, but I think with some new quick editing features and hype -the function would become trendy...which could possibly seize and conquer YouTube ;)

    4. Question of the Day feature. Facebook could generate a new question of the day and list friend's answers in the sidebar. This would initiate unique conversations, add a reason for daily use, and no doubt spawn devilish and rude comments from all of us!

     5. Add the Google Function to facebook so I can search for some more ideas.